Lifting the Mist

Sea fog, fret, haar, even murk (depending where you live) eventually lifts away becoming a haze as the sun starts to filter through. The air fills with light and horizons start to deepen, gradually revealing the coastline.

Coastal Haze, Penllech (70 x 70cm). Oriel Tegfryn, Menai Bridge

Between the Rain and the Sun

The coastline of North Norfolk is one of my favourite places to return to year after year. I think it’s about the calmness that descends upon you once you’re walking out across the marshes towards the sea. The sheer expanse of sky feels like a real luxury – cinematic and constantly changing. This piece, based on the coastline near Holkam, is very much about the shifting light in those moments between the rain and the sun.

Between the Rain and the Sun (100 x 100cm)