Probably the most photographed boat in Blakeney

There’s an old boat wreck along the coastal path from Blakeney in North Norfolk that I keep photographing from time to time. There’s now a little collection starting to build up – taken over the years that shows it’s graceful decline and weathering in various stages. I’ve seen it in other friends photographs too after they’ve stayed in the area. There’s just something about it that’s so compelling. Maybe it the peeling paint – revealing older layers and other chapters in it’s life that pulls you in…


An Image of one of my recent paintings has been used for the upcoming OPEN: OCEAN exhibition at the excellent Woodhorn Museum. As the title suggests, it’s an open art exhibition featuring artwork celebrating the North East coast seascape and heritage. The exhibition will be open to the public from 10th February to 7th May 2018.

Lifting the Mist

Sea fog, fret, haar, even murk (depending where you live) eventually lifts away becoming a haze as the sun starts to filter through. The air fills with light and horizons start to deepen, gradually revealing the coastline.

Coastal Haze, Penllech (70 x 70cm). Oriel Tegfryn, Menai Bridge